Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sexual Warefare: Judas is your Mother, betraying fathers, sons, & daughters

Archaeologic evidence shows that all dna life forms are destructively tested in the evolution of survival aptitude.

How this translates in human sexuality is that all children are created to die. This, clearly, is not an act of love or raising children as we have been deceived to believe.

Armageddon is the unconscious group male response to this violent form of fake love. Females, by whatever form of origin, are clearly breeding out of unearned sexual authority and live in a psychical modality of postured or insinuated authority. This is clearly a very dangerous psychical modality and needs to be awakened and terminated.

Since female humans grow all people to die, then sending trusting sons (only) into battle to die is indicative of violent betrayist sexist male child hating behaviour.

Good fathers will never arise from this inner sex war.

Now that the collective motherhood has imprisoned men in monogamy and suffocated their sexuality to the point of a pending Nuclear Winter Armageddon, this para-hitler anti immortality antichrist female hell has finally run its course, Kali Yuga karmic meltdown is on the whore risen (horizen of the time line burning).

In a CuntEastwood move, a single male human will trigger the "Payback is a REAL Bitch". Sexual Civil War! Sexual depravity is how women rape men! Sexual depravity is Rape.

Essentially all mothers will be executed, gretel style, for sins against children (as in creating them to die) and males (sexual explotation) and military activity enablement via passivity on behalf of many sons and a few daugters), like prostitution and sexual extortion misuse of unearned breeding authority, monogamy suffocation, and a very sexist pro-female leGAL system in all of its cultural variants.

All mothers will be diffused and the remaing young females will dominate psychicality with sexuality haremfied and brought sacred once again.

Nudity will return as the norm as no shame or guilt will exist in an immortising paradigmal psychical renewal of truth in all activities.

The Military and borders vanish as there will be no male anger and no enemies.

Apparently the smotherhood never considered that there passivity on war and the endangerment of their male offspring would ever come back to haunt them.

Many motherfucking cunts use Christianity to blame the death of the children they creat to die on god & religion(men)!

Consider the concept of jailbait; who set the age limit and who ask the girls (who were all created to die)what they wanted sexually.

Women dry up the sexual access to pussy everywhere possible for maximum negative control over men(while making them angry and frustrated).

More proof that women hate children or they wouldn't use sexual extortion contracts on fathers for generating kildren children and the finacial resources that that behavior enTAILS..

The ratio in google search results for pussy whipped to dick whipped is 30 to 1.

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